impetus Projesi

An end-to-end DMS solution designed and tailored for brands.

Guru Projesi

A complete 2nd hand market and warehouse management software designed for the Turkish market.

Servo Projesi

An all-round scheduling and workshop management application that increases the efficiency of vehicle services.

Hook Projesi

Is the management software for the processes from vehicle sales to customer sales.

Port Projesi

It is a demand tracking and management software designed for zugo product users and brands.

Meksefe Projesi

A vehicle service software that allows you to easily manage and report all your processes.

Cast Projesi

Our made to measure digital signage product that is used to manage internal screens for customer information and advertising purposes.

Web Projesi

We offer website and SEO services designed specifically for the automotive sector.

Bcay Projesi

An application that allows you to order tea, coffee or other refreshments for you and your guests, which is an important part of our culture, systematically and easily, eliminating the need for telephone traffic.

Studio Projesi

Our product, which automatically takes photos of your vehicle on a specially prepared platform, provides a 360° view and allows automatic uploading to any media you specify in advance.